Peters Brauhaus - Seit 1994 - Freundlich. Fröhlich. Lecker.

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Since 1994 - Friendly. Happy. Goodies.


Once it was called “Zum Kranz”

Kupferstich mit alter Ansicht von Peters Brauhaus
The building in question is highlighted here in the bright circle.

In 1544 the brewery “Zum Kranz” in Mühlengasse 1, today's Peters Brauhaus, was first mentioned in the tax records of the city of Cologne. Since such an entry required a large amount of brewed and sold beer, it was probably one of the leading breweries in the city even then. In 1564 it was renewed by Engelbert Meinerzhagen and expanded several times. The first visual proof can be found in 1748 on a drawn street map by Franz Kreuter. You can see a three-story house with two entrances and a wide window front. A first photo exists from before the turn of the century. It shows the brewery from the town hall tower on the corner of the Alter Markt.

1780: The ancestral chain begins

Das Brügelmannhaus
Old engraving of the Mühlengasse with the Brügelmannhaus

Wilhelm Lammertz was first mentioned as a brewer and owner in 1780. In the confusion of the French Revolution, the names of the other brewers disappear. Only in the 1838 brewing register, in the Rhineland's Prussian period, did Andreas Groß find the owner - until 1839. Thereafter Mathias Lölgen took over the regiment from a well-known Cologne brewing family until 1841. He was followed by Peter Simons until 1869 and then Josef Simons until 1873. Heinrich Weber ran the brewery from 1873 to 1889. He then passes it on to Phillip Bendheuer. From 1898 onwards, no more brew was brewed here, because brewing tradition is now being replaced by a new industry: the Brügelmann cotton mill bought the site and expanded here. In 1907, Brügelmann rebuilt the representative house, which was destroyed down to the present day facade in World War II. That is why the house has its current name, namely "Das Brügelmannhaus".

1994: The Peters family founds a new tradition

Eingang von Peters Brauhaus
Heute verbirgt sich hinter der gepflegten Fassade ein gemütliches Brauhaus

Behind the old facade, which was completely restored after the war, condominiums and residential apartments with a cozy courtyard are being built. Until 1994, Rachel Silberstein's “Chez Alex” gourmet temple was located on the ground floor. In the summer of 1994, the Peters private brewery took the initiative and made the house what it was for many centuries: an original brewery, which is now called the Peters brewery. The Kölsch culture has returned to Mühlengasse 1, and the “wreath” has been revived more beautiful than ever. He was and is one of the fixed stars in Cologne's Cologne sky. See for yourself!

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