Peters Brauhaus - Seit 1994 - Freundlich. Fröhlich. Lecker.


Small stories about Cologne and Kölsch

Cologne and Cologne brewery culture are a wide field. With our small brewery breviary we would like to give the "Imis" among you a little help. And we are right in the middle ...

A like ambience

Of course, the Peters Brauhaus is a real Cologne brewery and looks accordingly (rhymes!). However, it is a very special Cologne brewery and looks accordingly original: six individually designed rooms testify to this. But our decorations, which change according to the seasons and occasions, also want to reward the eye for looking. In other words: cosiness, cleanliness and quaintness are our trump cards; but also the modern, flat screens on our toilets, WiFi everywhere. Our polished maple tables, on the other hand, are timelessly quaint and modern (doesn't rhyme, mixes!).

B like confessional

Our Chairman is sitting here. So that he has everything in view, the confessional is strategically placed at the entrance and enables excellent all-round visibility. Our chairman greets you, leads you to your - hopefully - reserved table and finally says goodbye to you. Because: SERVICE is very important to him and us. That is why he is happy about praise and, mostly, about criticism. Confess calmly ...

C like Colonia

Part of the name that the ancient Romans gave to their most beautiful extra-Roman settlement. Since then, the name has been mandatory! What for? To "live and let live" in the spirit of the libertas coloniensis, as the old (!) Roman would have put it.

D like Düsseldorf

"There are no more messages."


E like Eau de Cologne

Doesn't really belong here, but it refers to Cologne's cosmopolitanism and therefore belongs here. Because our guests come from all over the world (to date we have counted 128 countries), and since we are a world-open house, they (you!) Are not only welcome to us, but also very welcome! Even with Napoleon we somehow arranged ourselves at that time ... When was that? In 4711 after the invention of Glockengasse!

F like Family business

Yes, yes, German medium-sized companies often have a difficult time - but that's not the point here! This is about the Peters family and their love for Kölsch, Cologne and the Cologne brewery culture. In 1994 this love turned the Peters brewery and the Peters brewery into a family business in which everyone can really feel at home. The merchant and master brewer Hans Peters and his managing director implement a concept here every day that sounds harmless but seems revolutionary in Cologne: We are the friendly brewery!

G like Garden

Not only millions of German house builders have a garden, no, the Peters Brauhaus too! And what a one - it is located in the heart of Cologne, on the Alter Markt, on the corner of Müllejaß. But not only that. Who sits here enjoys: the sky, the trees, life, the view of the Gaffel beer garden.

H like Halve Hahn

"Dutch cheese with roll / Fromage de Hollande et pistolet" is the translation in our Fooderkaat. "Pistolet" sounds dangerous - in contrast to "Röggelchen". No matter, the main thing is delicious!

I like Immigrants (Immis)

Based on a formulation that can already be described as classic, one could say: All people are Imis - almost everywhere! In other words: Imis are newcomers, people from Cologne, guests, friends of the city, in short: almost real Kölsche. And why is that important? Quite simply: because the Kölschen are the best! (or consider yourself the best). Just cheer!

J like Jobs

According to what has been said so far, you will not be surprised that a great many people love our brewery. As guests, as regular guests and as regular guests. But not only that; almost as many people also want to work at the Peters Brauhaus - as a regular workforce, so to speak. They also? Please report!

K like Köbes (Waiter)

Just as you don't just celebrate Carnival in Cologne or just go to a - admittedly, very large - church at Christmas, in the brewery you are not just served by just any waiter or waiter, but by: Your Excellency, the Köbes! The Köbes is called Köbes because it is the short form of Jakobus and the pilgrims of the Jakobsweg in Cologne back then to look for work ... that's a long story ...

L like Lecker

Delicious, the specialty weeks that spread throughout the year in the Peters Brauhaus: cabbage, fish, tarte flambee, strawberry & rhubarb, asparagus, matjes, mushroom weeks, scavenger hunt, tuber, Bavarian specialty weeks, game weeks, kale, goose time ... and what is there today? Something especially delicious!


Continuation of "L" as delicious: mussels "Rhenish style" (delicious!), Thrush broth or blanket bun with bacon or simply Levverwoosch, Kölsche caviar or Krüstchen goulash with small roes! Isn't something missing? And whether - see: "P"! Bottom up!

N like No

No! Non! So eine Antwort werden Sie bei uns nicht bekommen! Denn wir sind d a s freundliche Brauhaus und freundliche Menschen sagen niemals „nein!“, sondern höchstens: „Gute Idee, das muss ich gleich mal meinem Chef vorschlagen!“ Oder: „Ja, kann man machen!“ (Mach‘ ma aber nit!)

O like the top ten thousand

Well, the high society visit us every now and then. And then sits in the middle of society. Because there are no class differences in the brewery. Only nice and very nice guests!

P like Peters Kölsch

The Kölsch (Beer) of the house! It is available in a glass (called "rod"), in a barrel (called "barrel") and in a flip-top bottle (called "souvenir"). But no matter what you call it, it always tastes like Peters Kölsch - see "L"!

Q like Quality

Yes, we have high quality standards, but if you are not satisfied there is a complaint, see below ...

R like complaints

Occur rarely, but are therefore noted with special interest and processed with special care. From the boss personally. So if you should ever be dissatisfied with something, please contact Mr. Peters with confidence. And if he's not in the house, to Mr. Esser! You're welcome!

S like frequenter

Where is the cathedral, there is Kölle! And where the regulars are, there is a regulars' table! In other words: with us, every seat is "first class", which is why we have so many regular guests and many of them also call a "regular table display" their own, regular table regulars, so to speak.

T like Toilet

Shines in new splendor and is therefore currently the pride of the management. No wonder nothing was saved here. But go yourself!

U like Entertainment

Come along, there is always something going on with us - you will definitely feel entertained!

V like Reservations

Are highly recommended and desired. Best by phone: 0221/257 39 50.

W like Wireless Internet access

Password: germany1

X like U

...we don't pretend

Y like Generation Y

The children of Generation Y are said to only fiddle around on their smartphones, relax while drinking in a coma and want to become all civil servants (safe jobs, no risk!). We cannot confirm these theses. With us this generation meets for wild tartare and still mineral water (for preheating) ...

Z like Zappes

In addition to the cook and the Köbes, the Zappes is the most important man in the entire brewery. Why? Because it serves the tap of the taps, the Peters-Kölsch-extra-fresh-and-extra-tasty tap! 

So now you know a whole lot more. Off to the Peters Brauhaus! The practice test awaits you at the Alter Markt. And a fresh pars with it ...

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